NSSE Promotional Content for Faculties and Administrative Units

Social Media

The NSSE Steering Committee has developed a comprehensive social media plan to promote NSSE at York. Please re-tweet/re-post central tweets/Facebook posts only.


  • Re-tweet from #yorkunsse
  • Make sure the communications teams in your Faculty and departments are following #yorkunsse on Twitter.
  • Also ask students, faculty members and staff to follow #yorkunsse on Twitter, if they’re not already.
  • Hashtag: #yorkunsse

Here’s what to do:

  • Make sure the communications team in your Faculty are following (have “liked”) York University on Facebook.
  • Ask students, faculty members and staff in your Faculty to follow (“like”) York University on Facebook, if you haven’t already done so, to stay up-to-date with what’s happening on campus.

Key Messaging

Pre-NSSE messaging, beginning in December 2016 (January 2017) – Social Media

  • Want to make the undergrad experience at York better? Your chance is coming Feb. 6: Learn about NSSE: yorku.ca/nsse #yorkunsse; #yorku, #nsseiscoming
  • On Feb 6 you & your fellow students will have a chance to change York’s undergraduate experience. Learn about NSSE: yorku.ca/nsse #yorkunsse; #yorku, #nsseiscoming
  • The National Survey of Student Engagement is coming Feb. 6. Learn more to help make the York undergraduate experience a better one: yorku.ca/nsse #yorkunsse; #yorku, #nsseiscoming
  • NSSE Champion Cup! Nothing better than a little friendly competition! Starts Feb 6. yorku.ca/nsse #yorkunsse; #yorku, #nsseiscoming

Beginning February 5:
Want to change #YorkU? Your chance is coming Feb 6. Watch your email: yorku.ca/nsse #yorkunsse

On Feb 6 students can change the undergrad experience at #YorkU. Watch your email and visit yorku.ca/nsse for more info #yorkunsse

What is NSSE? Find out at yorku.ca/nsse and you could win a free latte or even $500 off tuition! #yorkunsse

February 16 to February 13
1st/4th-year #YorkU students: help York help you & get a free latte: Watch your email -> yorku.ca/nsse #yorkunsse

1st/4th-year #YorkU students: help improve York and you could win $500 off tuition, YU-card$ and more -> yorku.ca/nsse #yorkunsse

1st/4th-year #YorkU students: Have you NSSE’d yet? Find out more at yorku.ca/nsse #yorkunsse

1st/4th-year #YorkU students: Have you NSSE’d yet? Tweet when complete! #yorkunsse

1st/4th-year #YorkU students: your voice matters. NSSE now and help improve York: yorku.ca/nsse #yorkunsse

March 13 to March 31:
Time’s almost up to claim your free latte, 1st/4th-year #YorkU students. NSSE now! yorku.ca/nsse #yorkunsse

#YorkU 1st/4th-year students: have you NSSE’d yet? Your latte is waiting: yorku.ca/nsse #yorkunsse

1st/4th-year #YorkU students: Have you NSSE’d yet? Find out more at yorku.ca/nsse #yorkunsse

1st/4th-year #YorkU students: Have you NSSE’d yet? Tweet when complete! #yorkunsse

Time’s almost up: please share yorku.ca/nsse with your students – the Faculty with the best participation wins the NSSE Champion Cup.

April 10:
Video/photos of award ceremony on C&PA properties, cc’d to digital team.

Background messaging, for optional longer-form distribution (please augment with this messaging only):

  • The National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE) gathers information from students from 723 universities in North America, 72 of which are in Canada.
  • The information collected from this survey is essential to help York improve the undergraduate experience for current & future undergrads. This includes classes, residence, campus safety and more.
  • Each participant in the survey will receive a virtual coupon for a grande beverage from Starbucks in the Centre for Film & Theatre on the Keele Campus OR a medium beverage at Tim Hortons’ at Glendon. Students can opt instead for a $5 York Lanes gift card OR a $5 Underground gift card (while supplies last). Students that complete the survey are automatically entered to win tuition waivers or YU-Card “Top-Ups.” (For details, go to Incentives & Prizes.)
  • For details about what using NSSE data has helped us achieve since 2014, visit We're Listening!
  • For more information, visit yorku.ca/nsse.

Digital Media

11" x 17" poster

11" x 17" poster

4" x 6" postcards

4" x 6" postcards

Website button

Website button

Website banner

Website banner

The website button should link to the NSSE website at http://nsse.info.yorku.ca/.
All collateral is print ready. York University Printing Services located in Central Square has the printing plates set up for the NSSE campaign. Please contact Tom Higgins at 416-736-2100,  ext. 33713.

Faculty, College and Departmental Websites

Please post basic message on your Faculty homepage, advising centre homepage, departmental homepages and any other appropriate and high-traffic student web pages. These messages will also be used on Moodle, the LCD panels around campus and on classroom screens.

January February MARCH
NSSE is Coming


Watch for an e-mail invitation from the Office of the President (nsse@nssesurvey.org) to participate in the National Survey of Student Engagement!

Complete the survey and enjoy a latte on us. You could also win a tuition waiver or a “Top-Up” on your YU-card.

Your Faculty needs you!

The Faculty with the highest participation rate will WIN the NSSE Champion Cup – and all the bragging rights that go with it!


Have you NSSE’d yet?

Did you know that the NSSE survey is mobile-friendly and that you can complete the survey on your personalized Moodle or my.yorku.ca page? Quick and easy!

Complete the National Survey of Student Engagement and enjoy a latte on us. You could also win a $500 tuition waiver or a $100 “Top-Up” on your YU-card.

Your Faculty needs you!

The Faculty with the highest participation rate will WIN the NSSE Champion Cup – and all the bragging rights that go with it!



Thank you to all 1st and 4th year students who completed the National Survey on Student Engagement (NSSE).

Your thoughtful and considered responses will help us improve your student experience.

Watch for the announcement of the winning Faculty in this year's NSSE Champion Cup!


Here’s what to do:

  • Craft a general email/article/announcement to the attention of all students. You might consider an email from your Dean in place of one newsletter article.
  • Encourage  a student ambassador or Work/Study student to blog about their experiences, or provide quotes for your newsletter.
  • Please only run ONCE per month (January, February, March) OR in the newsletter (print or digital) that gets the most student attention in the January-March timeframe. (Probably February as that includes the exam schedule.)
  • Please also include what NSSE-promo activities are planned for your Faculty, keeping in mind that all promotional activities must follow the Protocols, which are included in the Toolkit.
  • You can also add in any changes that were made in your Faculty based on feedback from the 2014 survey.

Here is a template of an article. Edit as needed.

Suggested title: Calling all students: York needs your feedback and advice!

By now, unless you’ve been avoiding e-mail, social media and classrooms, you’ve probably seen or heard something about the National Survey of Student Engagement – NSSE (pronounced “Nessie”) for short.

And if you’re a student in the first- or final-year of a four-year program, you received an e-mail from President Shoukri on February 6, with a link to the survey. (If you didn’t see it, you might want to take a peek in your spam folder.) You'll also be able to access the link to the survey through your personalized Moodle page or the Student Portal.

What all the fuss is about
NSSE is one of the most important surveys York participates in. It gives you, our students, the opportunity to tell the administration what you think of your undergraduate experience, the kinds of activities you’re engaged in and how you’ve benefitted from your studies.

What’s in it for you?
York is committed to using the NSSE results to help design the programs and activities that our students most need and want.

But in order to do that we need good data.

We can do better
In 2014, the last time the survey was conducted here, York’s overall participation rate was 27.8 per cent. Our goal for 2017 is to increase that rate to 35 per cent, which is in line with the Ontario average.

Generally speaking, the more respondents a survey gets, the better quality data it yields. That’s why we’re aiming for high participation rates on the 2017 survey.

We listened!
In 2014, we nearly doubled our participation rate over 2011. As a result, we implemented improvements to our student services. Here’s a short list of student-centric initiatives that were developed based on NSSE data:

  • Visual Schedule Builder
  • practicum and capstone courses
  • more work/study students in the finance office to provide better services and on-campus jobs
  • Study Hub to help students find study groups and tutors
  • Manage My Academic Record to help students manage degree progress
  • classroom reservation system
  • more study space and a new student lounge
  • more seating in public space
  • advising community of practice to facilitate cross-Faculty collaboration and information sharing
  • student-led initiatives to support York’s Mental Health & Wellness Strategy
  • Student Success Centre (SSC) to provide inclusive programming and services for students under one unified umbrella; and
  • increased number of dedicated group study rooms in the Learning Commons.

More feedback on the 2017 survey could help us make even more changes at York.

Take 15 minutes to invest in your future
It only takes 10 to 15 minutes to complete the questions on the survey.

Then, once you’re done, you can enjoy a FREE latte from Starbucks in the Centre for Film & Theatre on Keele campus OR Tim Hortons on Glendon campus. You can opt instead for a $5 York Lanes Gift Card OR a $5 Underground Gift Card (while supplies last). You could also win a tuition waiver or a “Top-Up” on your YU-card. You’ll find all the details at Incentives & Prizes.

Your Faculty needs you!
To encourage friendly competition, the NSSE Champion Cup will return for the second year in a row. Similar to the York Torch, the Faculty with the highest participation rate by the end of the survey period in March will be awarded the Cup by the President. The winning Faculty gets to keep the Cup – and the bragging rights – until the next round of the survey in 2020.

You can see how your Faculty is faring in the race for the Cup at See How We're Doing.

For more information about NSSE at York, visit yorku.ca/nsse.

What not to do:

  • Please do NOT address newsletters or emails to individual students.


You may want to send an email announcing the start of NSSE in place of an eNewsletter. Here is some suggested content:

A week from now, on February 6, many first- and fourth-year undergraduate students will receive an invitation to participate in a survey called NSSE (pronounced "Nessie"). You can see whether you are likely to be one of them by checking the Eligibility Chart. This survey is conducted every three years, and enables students to report on their educational experience. The findings have led to positive change for current students and will accelerate positive change for future students. See "We're Listening" at nsse.info.yorku.ca/were-listening for a list of examples. You can find out more about his survey and the activities surrounding it at yorku.ca/nsse.

Please look for your invitation from the "Office of the President" on February 6. You can also check your Moodle or my.yorku.ca account that day. We look forward to hearing how we can improve the educational experience for you and your fellow students.

Dean/Associate Dean
Faculty/School of XX
York University